The CyMoreFlavour concept distinguishes itself by producing the ‘perfect’ mix Cymbidium box, in large flowered and small flowered Cymbidium. These mix boxes are filled with fresh flowers in fresh, bright colours, strong cultivars, and have a long preservation. There are no more than two cultivars with the same color in a box. Of course, the quality is high class. That means; freshly cut flowers, strictly selected and a reliable delivery and availability.



The CyMoreFlavour concept was introduced in 2009 and has quickly made a name for itself. In 2011 we expanded with new packaging for 40cm stems and in 2013 we added 3 large flowered Cymbidium growers to our group. The growers make sure new cultivars are introduced and decide whether the old cultivars can stay. This yearly selection keep the boxes fresh, tasteful and innovating. Important criteria are; colour, preservation, growing time and length of the stem.


Why CyMoreFlavour?

We introduced this concept because we want to show the customer our vision and beliefs for our products. By presenting this in a specially developed box, we’d like to express that some more. Everyone should know, by seeing the box, that we deliver the best, most tasteful Cymbidiums out there.